The objectives of the Association are to provide the companies/organizations that are running or are involved in running a Loyalty Program with a platform that will:

  • Provide a central resource for professionals with responsibility for loyalty and loyalty fraud prevention (a membership directory will be provided)
  • Establish and share best working practices – fraudsters are not brand loyal and will attack wherever they find a weak link
  • Set-up an online chat forum (for accredited and recommended members only) to discuss all issues on loyalty fraud (schemes used, trends, alerts, etc.)
  • Establish a central online database of known fraudsters
  • Provide training on fraud prevention
  • Provide training of how to secure/protect loyalty programs
  • Organize regional workshops to discuss all loyalty fraud related issues
  • Organize an annual conference

Membership Categories

Founding Members or Industry Members (both individuals and companies): individuals, companies that are working for or are running a Loyalty Program

  • Associate Members Providers/Suppliers: Companies providing services in the Loyalty environment. 
  • Associate Members – Others