Terms & Conditions

Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association Membership Terms and Conditions



The Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association exists to help members that are involved in all aspects of loyalty program management prevent fraud.   Membership is voluntary and subject to approval of the Association.

This Membership Contract outlines Terms and Conditions associated with being a Member of the Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association.


1 Definitions

“We”, “us”, “Association”, “LFPA” is the Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association Limited, herein referred to as LFPA, a company registered in Scotland, Company Number SC542215 with its registered office at The Ca’D’Oro, 45 Gordon Street, Glasgow, G1 3PE, Scotland, UK

“Member”, “Membership”, “Founding Member”, “Associate Member”,”Industry Member”, “you” is any person, company, legal entity that has been approved for membership and who is in good standing with the Association

“Management Board” is the group of people running the association

“Working Group(s)” may be comprised of members and/or Management Board members of the LFPA which will meet with a specific agreed remit to take issues and challenges associated with Loyalty Fraud

“Third Party” means any other company, entity or person that provides services to members



Open, subject to acceptance by the Management Board of the LFPA, to anyone person, company, legal entity that works in, or associated with, loyalty programs and/or loyalty fraud.   The Management Board of the LFPA reserve the right not to accept a membership application and/or in which category the membership is allocated.


3 Membership Criteria

The LFPA has a number of Membership types.   The Terms and Conditions covering all Membership Types are the same.   Benefits, as outlined in Appendix A, are different.  LFPA reserve the right to amend and/or change these benefits giving members a minimum of (3) three months where these changes involve the removal of a benefit.  Where the benefit is additional or an upgrade changes will take place immediately.


4 Membership Year

Membership dues are payable annually in advance and are based on a calendar year, starting on 1st of January and ending on 31st December, unless mutually agreed otherwise between the LFPA and the Member.


5 Members in Good Standing

LFPA reserve the right to terminate membership if:

 - Fees are not paid and/or are outstanding

 - The Member, at the sole discretion of the Management Board of the LFPA, brings the Association in to disrepute


6 Cancellation of Membership

Member can cancel their membership at any time, however, as fees are payable annually in advance no refund will be payable.   If LFPA decides to cancel a membership, for whatever reason, a pro-rata refund of any membership fees will be paid, less an administration charge payable as outlined in Appendix A.

At the cancellation, either by the Member or LFPA, all benefits of membership will cease.


7 Participation in Members Working Groups

From time to time, LFPA may convene Working Group(s) tasked with resolving specific issues and challenges relating to Loyalty Fraud.   These Working Group(s) are voluntary for Members and are not remunerated.


8 Confidentiality and Anti-Trust

Members agree to keep confidential that information which is shared amongst the Association where this information is not within the public domain.  Confidential Information that is shared within a Members company must be shared on the basis that it is confidential and not in the public domain.

The purpose of Membership of the LFPA is to share information and best practice to combat Loyalty Fraud.   If a Member is in any doubt whether this contravenes the anti-trust laws in their own country they should take the necessary legal advice before joining.


9 Governing Law and Entirety of Agreement

This Membership Contract is governed by the Law of the United Kingdom.

These Terms and Conditions, together with its Associated Appendices are the Entirety of the Agreement between the Member and the LFPA.

For the avoidance of doubt, this contact covers Membership of the LFPA but does not confer any voting rights or input in to the running of the LFPA.


Appendix A – Membership Categories and Costs for 2017

For the avoidance of doubt an Industry Member is a person, company, legal entity that runs a loyalty program.  This would include, for example, such as a bank that runs its own loyalty/rewards program.  An individual is one person who may wish to join, and more than one person from one company can join individually.  Suppliers are companies that are engaged in providing services for loyalty programs.  Companies such as IT or Fraud Prevention companies come within this category.   The LFPA reserves the right to assign the category and/or to refuse membership in a specific category.

These rates are valid for 2017 and subject to change and will increase annually.   Rates will be advised in advance.

Membership Category

Cost per Annum

 Founding Member – Industry

 Free for 2 Years (ends 31 December 2019) 

 Industry Member - individual


 Industry Member - Company (e.g. banks/airlines/hotels running their own program) – maximum of 5 people per company 


 Associate Membership for Supplier/consultants (per person)


 Associate Member – Company (maximum of 5 people)



Appendix B – Membership Benefits for 2017

Founding Membership and Industry membership will provide the following:

- Access to the database of other members and the ability to contact them

-  Free attendance for LFPA regional meetings

-  Discounted attendance at LFPA Annual Conference

-  Discounted access to Theseuss (the database of data elements that have been used in fraudulent transactions.) Theseuss is provided by a third party company and Terms and Conditions relating to its provisions will be direct with that company

-  Access to the online chat forum - subject to recommendation by other members. This chat forum is also run by a Third Party and their Terms and Conditions will relate to that service

-  Communications and access to best practice/trends

-  Discounted attendance to LFPA training courses 

Associate Membership provides the following:

-  Access to the database of other members and ability to contact them

-  Discounted attendance for LFPA meetings

-  Discounted attendance for LFPA Annual Conference

Any removal of benefits will receive 3 months notice.   Any additional benefits which may be introduced from time to time will apply at the date they are announced to be live.