Fraud Prevention Tools: Building vs. Buying - Fraud Systems Webinar Recording

Date: 27 Sep 2018    Location: Webinar    Delegates:

Webinar: held Thursday, September 27th at 11am Eastern (New York Time)
or 4pm BST (London Time)

This free webinar was put on by the Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association in cooperation with Sift Science.

When does it make sense to hire a team and build an in-house risk engine, or can external vendors, tools, operations and software prove just as tailored and intuitive? How does a layered fraud approach function seamlessly and effectively? Request the recording of this session to learn from experts in fraud that helped build abuse teams at Square, Google and Facebook.

Request the Webinar Recording here.

Kevin Lee, Trust & Safety Architect at Sift Science, is a seasoned fraud prevention expert. Prior to Sift Science where he spearheads Sift Science's machine learning fraud prevention architecture, his experience includes senior roles relate to risk and fraud at Facebook, Square and Google. Kevin has provided the Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association's with its informal motto: "Trust is earned in drops, but lost in buckets."

Christopher Staab is Co-Founder of the Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association. Formerly at the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Chris has subsequently worked with numerous stakeholders across the globe in the loyalty industry to understand their issues and concerns relating to loyalty fraud.

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